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'To Inform, Educate, and Spread the Message of
Freedom and Liberty Throughout the World!'

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Global Freedom TV (GFTV) is currently carrying content from mostly from InfoWars and other sources, but will eventually be offering more and more GFTV produced content that will promote Conservatism and Liberty, the free-flow of information, the essential value of our Constitutional Republic form of Government, our Bill of Rights, especially Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press (especially the alternative press), Freedom of Religion and Assembly, Freedom of Self-protection and Self-defense for ourselves and our families as well as to guard these Freedoms, and the Respect for Life here in the U.S., and as well export these messages and ideals throughout the World. GFTV will offer a unique approach to provide this content not only here in the U.S. and to the English-speaking World, but eventually… also in other languages to address and reach out to immigrant communities both domestically and internationally throughout the World with our core messaging. It is important to present a wide range of faces; anchors, hosts, and guests that reflect a representation of a wide range of cultural backgrounds that can reach out and connect with these varied communities here in the U.S. and overseas as well.


The GlobalTV Network (GTVN) is currently operating from its three studios located in Garden Grove, California. GTVN currently runs content specifically oriented toward the Vietnamese community here in the United States and around the World. It presently has two stations that broadcast in the Los Angeles area, one being VietNews TV, and the other Dalai Lama TV for the Vietnamese Buddhist community. These two stations are currently in the process of migrating to KTAV in the channel 35 range here in LA. VietNews TV is also presently being broadcast in the Houston, Texas area on KBPX on channel 27.6. VietNews is also streamed on VietNews.TV on the internet. GlobalTV and VietNews TV are also carried on the streaming platform Roku. And TV manufacturers are increasingly integrating Roku into their products.

What is Planned:

The GlobalTV Network is also in the process of adding an extended brand to be designated as 'Global Freedom TV' which will be run independently, but it will still be an affiliated entity to GTVN that will primarily be comprised of two new stations to its lineup. These two stations will be 'GlobalTV USA' which will be broadcast in English Only in Los Angeles starting on KTAV channel 35.10 and streaming on the internet. Then, once the USA station has been established, it will be followed by 'GlobalTV International' which will start broadcasting on KTAV channel 35.9 and streaming on the internet. The USA station will exclusively be based on the English speaking content of the USA channel as such content will have its programming eventually delivered in other languages on the international channel which will be oriented toward the immigrant and international communities and marketplaces utilizing the same type of content.

GlobalTV USA content (followed later by GlobalTV International) will be hosted by a variety of U.S. Citizens from various immigrant communities as well as native born Americans representing a diverse mix of ethnic heritages whose news and content will share one common voice. This will include news, issues (local, national and international), information and analysis, politics, opinion and commentary, business news, and will promote education, religious values, sports, athletics, outdoorsmanship, active and alternative lifestyles. The lineup will also include guest commentators, call-ins, on-air debates, educational documentaries and features with a particular orientation primarily from a Judeo-Christian, Constitutional, Conservative, and a Libertine-Freedom-promoting perspective. Although true to our pluralistic Freedom of Religion nature, we do welcome perspectives from people of other faiths that do share our passion for Individual Liberty, Prosperity, and Self-determination.

To level the playing field, such perspectives of the kind of BS in broadcasting presented by the leftist, socialist, anti-U.S. main stream media ‘mostly’ depicts ethnic immigrant minority U.S. citizens in a racialist manner instead of simply promoting the individual as sovereign and our republic as it was founded. This they do by projecting their constant ‘world perspective’ onto every issue as to what the U.S. should be forced to live up to, and that every immigrant or 1st generation born here somehow ONLY lives and understands this??... No!... This is a Globalist perspective. There are three main challenges regarding assimilation into American culture and of the perceptions both outside of, and within these communities that need to be overcome; 1) One is the overall skewed perceptions of immigrants pushed by these main-stream media outlets and their propaganda insisting that it is the left—and only the left— are ‘champions’ of the interests of these immigrant communities; 2) Another is that the educational system has largely failed to continue teaching the foundational principles of our U.S. Constitution, of Civics training, and of the Historical context of the American experience without all the leftist bias pushed and indoctrinated to the youths of all American communities—not just to immigrants, and; 3) Another is the fact that immigrant communities have tended to feel somewhat alienated from the ‘American Culture’ which is due largely because of not only of these previous two reasons, but it is the additional fact that they mostly tend to reflect on the culture and values of their former country of birth that tends to override the assimilation into the American culture and values put forth by our founders for us to follow as a NATION OF IMMIGRANTS.

The racial and cultural division pushed by the left is not why the majority of immigrants have come to this great country for in the first place! This is to show that by utilizing the ethnic immigrant and minority U.S. Citizens’ voices WHO DO UNDERSTAND the truth of our Republic—as content providers, “whom now without our platform” already individually promote these sacred and time honored truths and traditions of God, Faith, Family, Freedom, Life and Prosperity which we are together as a whole are as a nation, and to bring them together into presenting that voice toward what is based on welcoming all those who embrace our way of life. Many of the values of these immigrant communities actually already share many of these same values. Nationalism is like valuing your Country just like you value your family and your community.

This is not to say this platform will be a faith only perspective news and information platform however… with the perspectives we promote in having its roots in embracing such values and other spiritual movements akin to supporting these values aligning to and from the common voice of the immigrant who lives and learns and embraces the American Ideal, such as alignments to God and Country, Life and Liberty and the uniqueness of the American Ideal as promoted by our founding fathers and those philosophers and wise ones who understood this unique and truly only Free Republic will naturally continue in the vein such values and ways of life that is understood to be uniquely American.

Although several presently existing models to follow as examples that are currently at the ‘cutting-edge’ for programming content and information delivery include Fox News' Tucker Carlson, Blaze TV, WND TV, and InfoWars among many other conservative news and information outlets to draw from... But please note that not one of those current national or international main stream USA based models and outlets, offers this perspective of ethnic heritage minority U.S. citizens from around the World who have immigrated to the USA or are first generations (…Z to baby boomers...) descendents, understanding and having embraced the Constitutional, Conservative, and a Libertine-Freedom promoting perspective as their prime voice to present to a ‘curious want the facts’ type of audience. We will help bridge this gap with GFTV.

Initially, content will be sought from other providers of all ethnicities who do embrace this philosophy looking to extend their reach into new channels and markets and over time we will be building our own unique brand of content and delivery. Revenues will be based on sponsorships, advertisers, donors, and a home shopping entity currently being developed to service the entire GlobalTV Network.

It has been said, “Freedom is not Free” and as such, this platform will seek the support of sponsorships from organizations and advertisers who understand this and who do not live in fear of deep-state lawyers dictating how and what content reflects truth-in-broadcasting that is supported by these sponsors. It is to reflect the diverse and rich U.S. traditions that have come from, and derive from, a unique, bold and daring mix of heritages who live in the USA Republic to convey as how they view and live life.

Future planned expansions to the GlobalTV Network and Global Freedom TV include higher power broadcasting to reach larger local geographic areas, adding other geographic broadcast markets, Satellite TV, Cable TV, and other internet video streaming platforms.

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